Top 10 Most Haunted Places In Jamaica 2018


Jamaica is one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean but aside the beautiful places, there are other horrifying stuffs that goes on Jamaica that makes some of the cities in Jamaica the most dangerous for travellers and even the citizens.

It is not that I’m degrading the country but truth be told, there are places in Jamaica that are dangerous.

10. Glendevon

The last incident I could remember was the shooting that happened in the Glendevon Primary School.

Shooting in a school full of kids should tell you how wicked these gunmen can be.


I know you will ask; “where were the police when all these were happening?” and I will tell you; “Police nuh idiot man”.

Policeman cannot run to a crime scene where he is hearing gunshots that sounds powerful than the one that was given to him. Its a suicide mission.

There are places in Jamaica that are peaceful and some are very dangerous.

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