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Top 10 Best Selling SA Hip-Hop Albums Of All Time| Number 1 Is A Must

SA Hip Hop artists have been dropping chart topping records more than ever but not everyone is moving albums like the O.G’s used to. Some will argue the fact that the internet and downloads are killing the game but fact is your fans will support you. Check out our Top 20 Best Selling SA Hip Hop Albums Of All Time list:

10. Tuks Senganga – MC Prayer


In 2006 Tuks released his sophomore MC Prayer that was certified gold after four months since its release. The production style and quality was leaps ahead of Mafoko A Me and the leading single “Monate Thwa” saw the album flying off shelves,and another SAMA nod in the form of a nomination for the Best Hip Hop album and a Metro FM Award win tagged along on Tuks’ journey as a respected hip hop lyricist.

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