Top 8 South African Celebrities And Their Best Endorsement Deals In 2017| Number 1 Is A Shocker


Ever heard about celebrities who ‘ruined’ their brands’ and how it affected their careers? Well, sometimes celebrities get paid big money to for using their names and faces to promote a certain brand or endorse it. From TV personalities to soccer players, these are some the biggest celeb endorsement deals in the country.

Today, we have lined up top 8 best endorsement deal in 2017….


8. Minnie Dlamini

Minnie is swimming in endorsement deals. The TV personality pocketed close to a million rands after landing a deal with Motions hair brand a couple of years ago and that was her start. Since then Minnie has signed deals with Revlon’s Fire & Ice, BMW, Nedbank, Tropika and Jeep SA.

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