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10 Best Secondary Schools In St Vincent And The Grenadines In September 2018 Ranked

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a southern Caribbean nation comprising a main island, St. Vincent, and a chain of smaller islands. With yacht-filled harbours, chic private isles and volcanic landscapes, it’s known for its major sailing destinations such as reef-lined Bequia Island off Admiralty Bay, bordered by white-sand beaches like Princess Margaret. The main island is home to the capital, Kingstown. Education on the twin Islands of StVincent and The Grenadines in the Caribbean Sea is free, but not compulsory, which undoubtedly contributes to the nation’s alarming record of child labour. Primary school lasts for 7 years. Below is the list of top 10 best schools in  St. Vincent and The Grenadines.

10. Emmanuel High School Mesopotamia

9. Troumaca Secondary School 

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