10 Best Private Schools In Cape Town in 2020


2. St. Cyprian’s School

Speaking of really good schools in the city of Cape Town, St Cyprian’s School is what immediately comes to mind. St Cyprian’s School is a girl only private all-round level institution of learning school that is well equipped with facilities for pupils and students between the Reception to Grades Twelve academic levels of learning. 

St Cyprian’s School has facilities for both day and boarding for students in its high school. 

A denominational Christian school that prides itself in grooming the girl child from nursery up until their late teens, teaching the right kind of virtues in them, having understood that this age bracket is the most delicate time in the life of the average girl child and goes out of its way to ensure a proper balance of all-round education before they are ushered in as valuable members of society.


Contact Info:

  • Location: Gorge Rd, Oranjezicht, Cape Town South Africa 8001 
  • Services: Reception to Grades Twelve · 
  • Phone Number: +27 21 461 1090 · 
  • Web Address: stcyprians.co.za
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