10 Best Private Schools In Cape Town in 2020


Every parent desires the very best for their children which is why they are willing to go to great lengths to achieve this. More so, every parent hopes that their kids get to achieve even better than they did, in every sphere of life, be it personal growth or career-wise. 

Having this expectation makes them strife to give their kids the very best in education, there is. It is based on this that parents looking for the best private schools in Cape Town can come around a table of agreement with one clear purpose – finding the highest quality of education they could ever get for their kids knowing full well that while basic knowledge is easily assessable in this day and age, only very few standards schools stand out of the litter. 

This is because only a handful of education experts can offer that kind of premium learning environment. 

The growth of more private schools have been on the rise to that effect and a few of them in the city of Cape Town are making their mark in giving kids the right start in life with a great learning environment.

Which is why having considered several factors to include learning facilities, curriculums, quality of staff and administrative strength, we are going to detailing in this article ten best private schools in Cape Town to help parents who have a busy schedule, have to work or run a business, narrow down their search efforts and offer them only the best options available and options that suit their convenience.


Top 10 Best Private Schools In Cape Town

10. Cannons Creek Independent School

A high premium private that has been in existence for about 22 years, Cannons Creek Independent School was established in the year 1997, with a mission to providing top-quality education for pupils and students from Reception to Grades Twelve. It is a Christian denominational learning institution that teaches the right values into its pupils has also continued to have an impressive academic performance for more than two decades since its inception.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 2 Nursery Way, Pinelands, Cape Town, South Africa 7405 · 
  • Services: Reception to Grades Twelve · 
  • Phone Number: 021 531 0912 · 
  • Web Address: cannonscreek.co.za

9. American International School of Cape Town (AISCT)

American International School of Cape Town, popularly referred to with its acronym AISCT, is one of the most prestigious multi-dynamic unisex private schools located in the city of Cape Town. 

The school has proper management of pupils and students with not more than sixteen in a class. American International School of Cape Town currently has over 500 students in its enrollment and offers its services from Grades One up to Grades Twelve.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 42 Soetvlei Ave, Constantia 7806, Cape Town, South Africa 
  • Services: Grades One to Grades Twelve 
  • Phone Number: +27 (0)21 713-2220 · 
  • Web Address: aisct.org
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