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SA’s Top 10 Young Entrepreneurs To Watch In 2018

The South African government recently introduced the Department of Small Business Development to oversee growth and development in the small businesses sector under the leadership of Lindiwe Zulu. It’s not just old-established names, who are trying to benefit from this new initiative but a lot of promising young blood coming to the fore as well.

We take a look at some of the country’s young entrepreneurs who have seized opportunities and have taken over leadership in SA’s growing business landscape.

1. Ludwick Marishane

Time Magazine named him one of the “Top 30 under 30 people that are changing the world” in 2013. Having invented “DryBath” at the age of 17 – a product set to revolutionise sanitation in impoverished areas – Marishane is the founder of Headboy Industries. He is so dedicated to his product that Marishane was quick to file patent and thus became South Africa’s youngest patent filer. Marishane was rated the best student entrepreneur in the world at the Global Champion of the Global Student Entrepreneurs Awards in 2011. All this led Google to name him as one of the 12 brightest young minds in the world in 2011 as well. This young innovator holds a Bachelor of Business Science, majoring in Finance & Accounting, from the University of Cape Town.


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