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Top 10 Richest People In Kenya In 2018

Richest People In Kenya: It is no secret; Kenya is one of the richest countries in the African continent. It is also known for its Gross Domestic Product.

Kenya prides itself as one of Africa’s powerhouse hosting a number of high-profile wealthy individuals.

The following is a list top ten richest in Kenya; politicians and businessmen have helped grow the economy of this country to what it is today.

10. Charle Njonjo

The outspoken 97-year-old former politician and businessman is also one of the persons in Kenya whose wealth cannot go unmentioned. Mr Njonjo has investments in agriculture, automobile industry, insurance, and banking sector just to name but a few. The once time Kenya’s Attorney General, despite being in his 90’s, oversees his property directly hence being able to maintain his wealth for long.

As stated earlier, Kenya is one of the wealthiest countries in the African content. While the above list of top ten richest in Kenya may not be a comprehensive one, it is at least a representation of the Kenyan economy.

9. Bhimji Depar Shah

Bhimji Depar Shah is the current CEO and founder of BIDCO Group of Companies. This is a family owned business with ties in approximate 13 African countries. Mr Bhimji Depar Shah finds himself in the list of ten wealthiest individuals in Kenya thanks to his contributions to BIDCO Company.

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8. Chris Kirubi

Chris Kirubi is a venture capitalist and one of Kenya’s leading industrialist. Mr. Kiribu owns one of the largest media houses in the country and is also involved in investment activities through the Centum Group. From Centum Group alone, Chris Kirubi has been able to make for himself approximately Ksh. 1.41 billion. He is also one of the three largest shareholders in Kenya Power, the country’s energy distributor in the market.

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