Top 10 Richest Musicians in Africa 2020


Like any other entertainment field, music has the potential of helping participants to generate significant incomes, especially if one becomes a true master of the art. This happens to be the case of most successful and highly-accomplished artists across the globe. Looking at the list of the richest musicians in Africa proves this point perfectly. We invite you to consider the list compiled by experts of the publication Forbes Africa in this article.

When the topic of the Forbes richest musician in Africa comes up, who comes to your mind? Well, most people would definitely go for artists that seem to be doing well in the industry. The African music scene is a competitive one, and only those musicians with resources and the right platforms get to benefit from showcasing their talents. With the continent being full of talented people, you need to have something extra if you are to stand out.

In addition to that, artists that have been in the industry longer tend to earn more. Those that have gone global also bring in more revenues for themselves. Most of the artists on this list are those that have done exceptionally well in their singing careers. The fact that they have amassed significant amounts of wealth over the years is proof of this.

Top ten richest musicians in Africa

African music is enticing. Most artists are have come together to create collaborations that hit and propelled them to stardom. When artists apply the right tools of marketing, including social media, they gather a huge following, which in the end translates to monetary gain. The following are 10 of the richest musicians in the industry you ought to take note of.

10. Hugh Masekele – $1.5 million

The African giant had a net worth value of $1.5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The South African artist was one of the greatest of all time. His writing, singing, and production skills still stand the test of time even after his death.

Throughout his long and productive life, this artist created more than 43 albums. He performed with many famous musicians from different genres. Masekele enjoyed the warm love of fans of different age categories. He died on January 23, 2018, at the age of 78.

Hugh worked productively in his own record company, had many honorary prizes, was nominated for a Grammy Award. Despite the solid age, Masekela regularly went on international trips and had great concerts. It was reported in the media that a live performance of the star cost $20,000. No wonder he was very rich! We will remember him with warmth in our hearts for a long time.

We hope that the examples of the richest musicians in Africa inspired you to work hard and improve your creative skills. These people had to overcome a difficult and long way to success. But as a result, they obtained fame and high fees. All this is possible if you believe in your dream!

9. Tinashe – $6 million 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the American with Zimbabwean roots represents the South African country on this list. She is the only lady on the list who was born in the United States from a Dane mother and Zimbabwean father. 


This girl started singing before she even started walking. Her life has always been somehow connected with music. As a child, Tinashe was a kid model. In 2000, her first film experience took place. 

The first album of the girl became a real sensation. She shone as the new star of the music industry and collaborated with many celebrities thereafter. Tinashe is the ambassador of several brands. Despite the young age, this lady managed to become incredibly successful and rich.

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8. Sarkodie – $7.8 million

Sarkodie net worth is currently $7 million. The popular Ghanaian rapper is one of the most popular artists in Ghana and West Africa. He is rated as one of the richest artists in Ghana.

He is the most prominent star of the Ghana music scene, the only representative of this country on the list. His real name is Michael Owusu Addo.

The African public closely watches his creativity. He gains millions of views on Youtube. The first single from his fourth album, “Mary,” was sold in the circulation of about 4,000 copies per release day.

He started as an amateur rapper. The manager helped Sarkodie to engage in a professional career. The artist is true to his identity; he adds the Ghanaian motifs to music. 

Sarkodie’s work was rewarded. He received many nominations and awards, continues to move confidently towards success. In 2013, his line of clothing appeared. He also founded a music label to support other African musicians.

sarkodie net worth

7. Timaya – $8 million

Timaya net worth value is given as $8 million. This makes him one of the richest musicians in Nigeria and Africa. He is a singer and song-writer. Born as Inetimi Timaya Odon in August 1977, the artist nurtured his skill and created a name for himself. He has grown to become one of Nigeria’s best artists, best referred to as Timaya. 

He founded DM Records Limited. He began his solo career in 2005 after releasing the track “Dem Mama,” which also appeared on his debut album, True Story that was released the next year.

timaya net worth

6. Banky W – $9 million

The handsome musician makes it to the list of Nigerian musicians that are making a mark in the African music industry. He is not only a great artist with powerful vocals, but can be considered an astute businessman as well.

Banky W net worth value is estimated to be $ 9 million. The E.M.E record label boss is not only involved in music alone. He has gathered a lot of his wealth through other business ventures, including taking part in telecom and Uber businesses. His different deals with varied companies give him an edge over the others. He believes in supplementing his musical career for financial stability.

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