Registration Of Celbux And How To Use It

For the longest time now, people have chimed in how much of a global village the world has become. 

The many things that have made this not just a cliché are the emergence of the internet and how swiftly yet accurately one can have something done even when they are sitting in the comfort of their homes— Celbux seeks to contribute to this globality in the lines of financial availability and access to students.


Before, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme abbreviated as NSFAS handed four types of vouchers to students which they used to expense their books, accommodation, food, and transport. 

It was later changed into cash vouchers which made it possible for these students to create Celbux vouchers through their NSFAS wallet. Withdrawal can be made from any merchant Celbux and NSFAS have partnered with.

Celbux is a substitute for having a bank account but unlike bank accounts that required students to use the money for transactions, Celbux made it all free.

In simple words, it is a third-party payment system that makes the essence of the mobile phone instead of cash or bank card.

Celbux is a South African software company focused on metamorphosing the world of money. 

How To Register For Celbux

It must be noted that Celbux is only applicable to TVET college students who are on the NSFAS wallet hence to utilize and enjoy the full benefit of the service, you need to be funded by the NSFAS.

Here Is How To Go About It

  • You dial *120*176# to follow the prompts that lead you to verify and confirm your account details.
  • Step 1 will have you create your password which grants you access to your account. You are under no circumstance allowed to share this password with a second party because NSFAS will ask you for this password. In a case where it happens so, be wary as it could be from scammers.
  • When the account has been verified, you proceed to access it by dialling *120*176# or clicking on
  • You are now at liberty to cash from participating stores such as Shoprite, USave, SPAR, Boxer amongst others if and only if you want to.
  • No fees are charged.

How To Check If Celbux Is Set Up Correctly

This payment system solely runs on plugins which notably means that failure to properly install the plugin is tantamount to malfunction.

Here Is An Easy Way To Ensure That Your Set-Up Is Properly Installed

  1. Open invoicing
  2. Go ahead to select the plugin menu
  3. Then, check if the Celbux setting is available
  4. Choose the Celbux setting
  5. Once the Celbux Setting window opens, cross-check if all the fields have relevant information.
  6. Should the field look like the image below, know Celbux is not properly set up.

However, if it looks like the one below, it means it is properly set up.


Celbux Login

First and foremost, importantly so, NEVER share your password with any third party.

Here Is How To Login

  • Go on to
  • Key in your phone number or username
  • Enter your password
  • Click on login to have access to your account
  • Note that this is the same as the Celbux NSFAS login

NSFAS Celbux

Allowances are given to TVET college students through their NSFAS wallet and this wallet is powered by Celbux.

The Celbux platform has a way of aiding individual students to manage their finances. Fortunately, using the platform is entirely free so students do not need to burden themselves with paying the extra cost of services while on the platform.

Withdrawals are made via Celbux merchants. In this case, these merchants are the ATMs for students who are in constant use of their NSFAS wallets.

How To Unlock Celbux

Just like any other platform, you can get locked on your Celbux and when that happens, it means you will have no access to your account. This may be due to repeatedly keying in the wrong password more than three times.

If you happen to be in this situation, as daunting as it is, fret not because there is a way to get back your account.

Follow These Steps

  • First login to myNSFAS account
  • Go to NSFAS connect
  • Then submit your case
  • Submit a picture of your identification card using your cell phone
  • Provide your current cell number and show that your NSFAS wallet is blocked.

If all of these fail, you can then send an email or direct message to NSFAS social media.

Creating A Cash Voucher


  • Dial *134*176#
  • Enter your NSFAS wallet password
  • Select option 1 thus Cash Voucher
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw
  • You will then be given a vouch

Making A Withdrawal From A Merchant


  • Walk into any merchant who has partnered with NSFAS or Celbux
  • Tell the merchant how much you wish to withdraw through your NSFAS wallet
  • A voucher will be produced
  • Give the voucher number to the merchant
  • Take your cash while smiling

For additional information, visit NSFAS Website.

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