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OFFICIAL: Top 10 Schools in Nepal For Your Quality Education

Everybody wants their child to grow up into a successful one in future days and secondary schools are where everything starts. You might be searching for the best school here in Nepal to enroll your child. Maybe, you are the child itself researching the best options for you.

The major hurdle for you might be choosing in between a community or private school. Moreover, not every school has all the infrastructures that the other one might have. Some schools are fulfilled with swimming pools while others might even lack a proper playground.

Every School is not the same in terms of quality education and infrastructures. Again, not every time parents seek education of their children without thinking about their personal development. Ranging from private to governmental and study-oriented to self development-oriented, here is the list of top 10 schools of Nepal based on quality education that will help you to overview options available to you:

10. Delhi Public School, Dharan

9. Narayani Model Boarding School, Chitwan

8. Little Angles, Lalitpur

7. Paragon Public, Kathmandu

6. Gandaki Boarding School, Pokhara

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