10 Most Beautiful Women in Haiti in 2018


It is the countdown of the most beautiful women in Haiti who have marked the world. Their beauty is one in a million as far as women in Haiti are concerned. 

Although the purpose of this message is to provide you with one of the best treats for the eyes of Haiti and its diaspora, we also took into account your intellectual abilities and your personal achievements during our selections.

10. Tico Armand

This bald beauty was born in Port-au-Prince but grew up in Brooklyn, NY.

Tico is not the first model to accentuate the features of his face by keeping his hair shaved, but his baldness emphasizes a ferocity similar to that of Grace Jones, which is not easily reproduced.

She recently made her film debut in The Heavenly Side of Hell, a Haitian production presented in Miami last summer.

I hope this is the first of many movie roles for this magnetizing model. We imagine it already in a swimsuit soaked in water to try the next James Bond.

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9. Carolyn Desert
Recently crowned Miss Haiti 2014, Carolyn Desert is not your typical beauty queen. She has an extreme passion for the Haitian Creole language and works with underprivileged children and artists as part of her charitable work.


The young businesswoman also has a Mexican restaurant in the lively Petion-Ville district of Port-au-Prince. She is the quintessence of beauty and the brain.

8. Katia Cadet

The Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter graduated from Wyclef’s “911” tube.

Since then, Katia has worked with super-producer Salaam Remi and a list of leading players in the game, but she is best known in the world of Zouk.

His voice and his call are also undeniable.

7. Phyllisia Ross

Miami-based singer Phyllisia Ross has been playing classical piano since the age of three. In recent years she has worked with Wyclef, Ne-Yo and Jah Cure.

More recently, however, she has embraced her Haitian roots by strolling through kompa, in her latest single, “Konsa”. Watch the video, shot at Moulin Ser Mer in Haiti, for breathtaking visuals featuring Phyllisia’s magnificent natural beauty and homeland.

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