Matric Results – How to Check Results

Matric as widely known by the South African community is an entry exam done by graduates completing high school. The first matric exams were conducted as far back as the year 1858 since then numerous South Africans have taken their own dose of the matric exams.


How to check results Online & via SMS / USSD

During this time of the year, many matriculants experience some sort of pressure as it is termed as the crossing faith from your youth age to your adulthood. As it always attracts the public attention and becomes the talk of the town for weeks, this year’s own won’t be exempted as already the momentum has started piling up.

How Can You Check Your Matric Results?

As every year the pressure to check matric results by many students, there have been various ways in which a student can use to access his/her results as the government has four diversified ways to check your matric results. These four ways include SMS, via an online portal, through newspapers, and at your school which we would explain in detail how to access your results through all the four ways.

Steps To Check Your Matric Results Through SMS

The first and most preferred way is the SMS format which is used to check Matric results. As tagged as the most stress-free and easy access, we have outlined the step-by-step ways to use to check your Matric results via SMS

Step 1: Text your ID Number and Exam Number to 35658. 

Step 2: Ensure both numbers are 13 digits before you click send. 



Step 1: Dial *120*35658# from your phone.

Step 2: Answer multiple questions to verify your identity before adding your ID number.

Step 3: You will then receive your matric results per subject.

How To Check Your Matric Results Online

Visiting the department of education online portal is also a way to check your matric results. Below is the step-by-step guide to help you check your matric results online.

published. These steps walk you through this straightforward process.

Step 1: Visit The Department’s Matric Results Portal

You can start the process by going to:

Step 2: Enter Your Exam Number

Enter the 13 digit number you used to complete your national certificate exam.

Step 3: Follow The Prompts

Enter any additional information if the system prompts you.

Step 4: View Your Matric Results

How To Check Your Matric Results Via News Portal/ News Papers

For the news portals, students access their matric results can check them through these news portals;

We wish all students checking their matric results all the best and good luck….

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