List Of 10 Best High Schools In Johannesburg Ranked


Are you interested in being a part of South Africa education community? We have all the information you need about the top 10 high schools in Gauteng province in South Africa.
South Africa education has improved tremendously since the beginning of the Millenium. 

As a result of this improvement, international students and those withing now see South Africa as the premier education centre in Africa as well as in the world. The cultural diversity of the people and the serene environment makes south Africa a home far away from home. 

The beautiful landscape gives a sense of hospitality and peace. Studying in South Africa is not for education alone but a full cultural experience.

In this article, we are going to be using current statistics to give accurate information about schools available in the Gauteng province. The Gauteng province has some of the country most famous cities, such as Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Top 10 High Schools In Gauteng

10. Holy Family college

This school was formally known as Parktown convet. The school’s name was changed to the current name in 1991. The schools’ location is Parktown, Gauteng. The school is a private institution built in 1905. The school motto is ” what shall I give back.” The school is one of the oldest training instruction for girls not only in southern Africa but across the continent of Africa.

We have concluded our list of top schools in Gauteng province of South Africa. All schools in our list are fully accredited by the appropriate authorities. The list we have provided only include a school that makes use of the English language as a mode of communication. There are other schools in the same province we are talking about, but they make use of Africans as a means of communication and instruction. 
We wish you all the best in your educational pursuit.


9. Athlone Boy’s High School

Athlone boys is located in Johannesburg. The school was established in 1915. This year of establishment makes the school one of the few pre- apartheid schools in the whole of South Africa. As you would expect, a school this old would have great alumni. George Bizos, the famous South African lawyer, is an alumnus of this school.

8. Germiston High School

Germiston high is located in Johannesburg, Gauteng province. The school is a government institution established in 1917. With this year of establishment, the school is one of the oldest high school in the province. Though the school is old, the facilities within are anything but old.

7. Marsis Viljoen High school

This school is a public institution. The school’s location is Alberton, Gauteng province South Africa. The school’s year of establishment 1961. The school is a coeducational institution with a student population over 1500.

The state of all the facilities here are high- quality. This school is among the best in the Gauteng province.

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