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5 Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Yet To Marry But Are Already Getting Old

5. Maina Kageni

Maina, as much as we know about a man’s stock value we urge to at least practice what you preach. Maina always dishes out very good advice for a living but worryingly at 40+ years of age, can’t prove that it has done all the work for him. Needless to say, his personality exudes “relationship guru” as he plays a role that spans being one and even also a relationships therapist, yet we haven’t seen the effect of that on him.

Maina persuades, endears and allows his audience in ways unthinkable. I am only wondering why the most famous presenters of the past decade hardly take a shot with a date. We are well-aware that the ladies love Maina and as might be expected, a single Maina is much more attractive or alluring to fans than a taken one, but you just have to be committed.

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