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5 Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Yet To Marry But Are Already Getting Old

Kenya has her usual proud, ambitious and hardworking single celebrities and like every other single people, they live life on their own terms. As might be expected, most of them fear commitment and think it is not worth embarking on. Of course, we do know being either single, engaged or married does not make anyone special, but does it mean these single mature celebrities are not ready to get down with just one person? It seems they want more, just like Oliver Twist!

However, in the abstract, a man’s stock value does not actually decrease as he ages unlike a woman’s stock value and as such a man can take a good time while searching for the right woman he feels he wants to count the remaining years of his life with. Hence, the single male celebrities might on their own take as much time as they want, but how about the ladies considering the fact that they are not friends with time?

When it comes to celebrities, we might never know all their private affairs especially the ones they decide to keep at bay from public knowledge, but these 40-something celebrities always get us thinking. We can’t help but wonder why they are still bachelors and spinsters for so long even when they know age is no longer smiling at them. Using the like of Maina Kageni, whom we never saw with anyone and who is still very much available in the market. Could it be they are keeping their love life miles away from the public or what? Whatever the case might be, below is a list of Kenyan single celebrities who are taking a fair walk with age but are yet to walk down the aisle anytime soon.

1. Sheila Mwanyigha

The lady whose voice exudes stunning passion and depth is yet to sing in a life companion to her life. Sheila has a voice that you could call golden, and has achieved a lot too as a celebrity, but how about considering marriage someday? That we can’t say for sure as she appears comfortable being single. Though she is bathed by male attention, Sheila has been unable to pick one she can walk down the aisle with. Could it be that she has been taught a severe lesson by heartbreak probably too many time? Anyway, it’s not unlikely as she’s been mingling with the likes of bad boys such as Prezzo.

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