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10 Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Snobbish, Egoistic And Incompatible

3. Larry Madowo

Did you know that just a week before Valentine’s Day, Ghafla’s Sue Watiri decided to do an article about what different Kenyan Celebrities would be indulging in on the over-hyped day of love? She was really excited and with a mix of happiness and enthusiasm, she called up Larry Madowo for answers but got the greatest shock of her life. Before she could cough out a word, Larry screamed right through her ears that he isn’t a celebrity and he is busy too. In Larry’s voice “I am not a celebrity. I am busy too. Have a good day.” Then he hung up. She couldn’t help but blush purple as she stared at her phone in shock…now isn’t that sheer embarrassment and disregard for common people?

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