Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs That Swiss People Are Dying To Work For


Switzerland is one of the best places in Europe to live and work. The country boasts one of highest standards of living in the world, has a low crime rate, an amazing public transportation system, great work-life balance, as well as very high salaries and low taxes, compared to the UK. If all of this sounds brilliant to you and you feel like relocating to Switzerland but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. To help you figure out which are the best-paid occupations, I have compiled a list of the top 10 highest paying jobs in Switzerland, based on data from Salary Explorer.

10. Professor – Electrical Engineering – 250,000 CHF (£200,272)


Responsibilities: Professors of electrical engineering are responsible for designing and teaching university-level courses in electrical engineering to students. Depending on the university and in terms of their contract they may also be required to carry out research on behalf of the university.

Key skills/traits: Teaching and education positions call for people with great communication skills. As electrical engineers, they also need to have excellent math, science, IT, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Education: Professors at universities should typically have at least an MSc in Electrical Engineering. But a PhD is usually preferred for career advancement depending on your level of experience and the school in question.

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