Jamaica’s Top 10 Performing CAPE Schools In 2020


This ranking highlights the CAPE institutions that are doing the best at the top 3 levels of the grade scale (QUALITY SCORES). It was measured based on the percentage of pupils obtaining 2 or more subjects (UNITS) with grades 1-3 (IIII) in the 2018 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE).

Grades 4 and 5 were deliberately excluded in the measurement for the ranking as Educate Jamaica believes this is a race to the bottom.

As these are Pre-university students, schools that are generating excellent results at grades 1, 2 and 3 (QUALITY SCORES) are highlighted.

And though 4 and 5 are considered passes for the purposes of examination, this ranking focuses on schools performing at the top end of the grade scale. The ranking assists parents in identifying the 6th form schools (pre-university) that are doing well, so that they are able to make a more informed choice as to which sixth form to send their child/children.

10. Convent Of Mercy Alpha 

The Convent of Mercy Academy ‘Alpha’ must play a role in establishing those policies, strategies and plans that will foster the development of valued-centred education in the Roman Catholic Tradition and in the formation of habits of critical thinking thus preparing our students to model Mercy and Justice and an enduring concern for the poor. The school had 83%


9. Hampton Schools 

Hampton School is an all-girls boarding school located in Malvern, Jamaica. It is one of the oldest boarding schools in Jamaica and was founded in 1858, two years after its all boys counterpart Munro College.

8. Ardenne High School

Ardenne High School is a prominent coeducational, first-to-sixth form secondary school located in St. Andrew, Jamaica.

7. Westwood High School 

The Westwood High School is an all-female high school located in Stewart Town, Trelawny, Jamaica. It was founded in 1882 by Baptist Minister Reverend W. M. Webb with the aim to provide unsegregated education for girls. The school had 86% in CAPE.

6. Decarteret College

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