How To Check Your Matric Results 2021 – Simple Step By Step Approach


As part of the unfortunate happenings coupled with the Covid-19 pandemic, the calendar for the year’s education has been affected, effectively, checking matric results. 

In this article, we are going to show you how to check your 2021 matric results.

Now let’s get straight to how as a Secondary School Graduate who sat for 2021 Matric Exams will get your results

How To Get Your 2021 Matric Results

There are various ways to check your 2021 metric results coupled with the traditional method of going to your school to check your matric grades.

We are going to explain in detail the easiest ways you can use to check your metric results. 

Note: You can use any of these methods at your own comfort.

  1. Check Your Metric Results Through Mobile Phone

Yes, you can check your matric results with all the individual subjects’ grades through your mobile phone and this method is as simple as it sounds.

To use your mobile phone to access your metric results, you will need to follow the below step by step guidelines.

  1. Send SMS to the code *120*45856#  to register for  SMS subject metric results check.
  2. Send your Identification Number (ID) and metric exam number to 45856.
  3. Wait and receive confirmation message that will show you all your individual subject mark scores and your aggregated score of the exams.

Note: SMS charges are applicable when using the SMS method to check your metric exams results.

  1. Check Your Matric Results Online

One of the ways to check your matric results is by doing it online.  The South African Government publishes metric results on the Department of Basic Education official website which is

Follow the below step by step guideline to check your metric results on the website.

  1. Visit the government website
  2. Register using your personal details. (You can register until February 22nd, a day after the results are released. Matric results are released on 21st February)
  3. Click on the link of 2020 NSC exams results
  4. Enter your examination number
  5. Your matric results will appear
  6. Download and print your results to get the hardcopy of your matric exams results.
  1. Check Your Metric Results Through News Websites

One of the easiest ways to check your matric exams results is through online news websites. 

Some online news websites publish the results after the government has released the exams results. 

However, there is a limit on the information provided by online news websites.  This is because; the news websites do not publish your full grades. They only let you know whether you passed the exams or you didn’t.


One of the most accurate online news websites that you can check your metric results is

  1. Check Your Metric Results From Your School

Yes, this has been the traditional way of checking matric results. You can visit your school to check your metric results.

Remember: These are not the certificate of prove of finishing Secondary School. They are scores of your metric results and they may not be the official marks of your exams. However, you can print your subject grades for reference.

These above methods are the prominent ways to check your matric exams results.

Let’s look into the most frequent questions that students ask about matric results.

  1. Can I Get My Old Matric Results?

Of course yes. You may have misplaced your matric results certificate or you have totally lost it for whatever reasons, you can still get beck your metric results.

To get your old metric results certificate back, visit the nearest Department of Basic Education or Provincial Education Department offices to fill in a replacement application form. 

Note: You will have to pay and also attach an affidavit stating the reason why you need a replacement of your metric results.

Below are the fees you will pay to get your old metric results back.

  1. R130.00 for replacing a certificate
  2. R81.00 for the statement of the results.
  3. When Will Matric Results Be Released?

The 2020 metric exams will be completed by December 15th. Government will release the results by February 2021. 

So, ideally, you can check your metric results probably from 22nd February 2021 if all things being equal.

  1. What Time Will Matric Results Be Released?

The release times for 2020 matric results are as follows;

  1. National Senior Certificate results for Western Cape: February 24th, 2021, at 5 am. 
  2. National Senior Certificate results for all provinces except Western Cape: February 23rd, 2021, at 6 am. 

With this information, we believe we have given you all the necessary guidelines for you to check your matric exams results. 

Good Luck.!!!!!! 

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