How To Check University Of The Western Cape Application Status

As an individual, you would probably be yearning to keep track of your University of Western Cape application once you are done with your online application. Keeping track of your University of Western Cape application can be done easily. We will be discussing how you can do so in this article. Tracking your University of the Western Cape Application is involves checking if your admission application was successful, thus if you have been offered provisional admission to become a student of the University of the Western Cape.


University of the Western Cape Application Status

You can actually check the status of the application also online. Follow the points below if you are looking forward to checking the status of your University of Western Cape application; 

  • Visit the URL
  • Proceed to ”Apply Now” on the website
  • Then click on ”Check Status”
  • Once it opens, you are required to enter your application credentials. 
  • After entering these credentials, proceed to click on the Submit button to check the status of your application. 

Should there be a need to make queries concerning all Student Admissions and Applications, contact the UWC Contact Centre through the following details; 

Telephone :  +27 21 959 3900/01

Email Address:

NB: After checking your application, you can be able to see the status of your application. 

When your admission is successful, you would be ACCEPTED and you will be able to print your provisional admission letter. 

When your application is not successful, you would see REJECTED and you will have to try again the following year. 

Another status you can see is PENDING (thus a decision is yet to be made on your application).

University of the Western Cape Application Prospectus

Once you decide to become a student of Stellenbosch University, you have the opportunity to the undergraduate prospectus. The prospectus get prospective student in the mood as the prospective student will be exposed to  the new world they will be walking. The document also introduces these prospective students to life at the university. It contains what to expect on campus, services provided and facilities available.  There are different prospectus for the various levels of application. You can download them using the following URL; 


About the University of Western Cape

The University of the Western Cape, abbreviated UWC, is a public university in South Africa. Its actual location is in Bellville, a suburb of the City of Cape Town. It was founded in the year 1960 by the South African government. Initially, it was established as a university for only Coloured people. The university can be considered a research-rich environment. The university has highly qualified academic staff and 50% of these staff hold various doctorates degrees. Almost all the departments at the University of Western Cape offer graduate programmes with 20% of all students at the University of Western Cape being postgraduates. When it comes to the area of research, the University of Western Cape is one of the best. This is due to the fact that the various researches conducted are of a high international standard. The university has several international partners ensuring that there is flow of students and eminent brilliant people from other countries to enrich the university’s space. Some of the major projects taken by the university were partnered by several agencies located abroad. There is also a strong relationship between the University of Western Cape and other institutions in other countries located in Africa, Europe and North America.

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