How To Check University of Pretoria Application Status

After submitting your online application to the University of Pretoria, all you have to do is to check the status of your application. Checking for the status of your UP application can be done in simple steps and these steps will be discussed in this article. 


University of Pretoria Application Status

Once you submit your application, the status of your application will keep changing until a decision is made on your application. The statuses are; 

  • Pending and this means a decision has not been made yet. 
  • Admitted –  This means your application has been reviewed and additionally, you have been offered admission. All you need to do at this point is to generate your admission letter. 
  • Declined – This means your application was not successful as you would need to apply again. 
  • Awaiting Results – This means you are yet to submit your results for your evaluation to take place so you need to upload these documents. If you have already submitted these documents but you are still seeing awaiting results, you must do well to contact the university as soon as possible. 

To check the status of your application, the University has provided a document to assist prospective students. You can view the document via the URL

Steps To To Use To Check Your UP Application Status

  • First one must visit and click on myTuks login
  • Provide your necessary credentials that is your username and password. For some instances which is ‘’New users’’ must first set up their account or place a call to the student help so as to help the applicant set up his credentials 
  • Click login to enter 
  • Find the student centre and click on the link
  • Scroll to admission status and click on it
  • Your current status/progress will be displayed under the application status

University of Pretoria Application Prospectus 

The University of Pretoria application prospectus contains all the details that a prospective applicant needs to know before applying for a programme at the university. The prospectus can be obtained via the links below;

  • Undergraduate and international students –
  • Postgraduate students –

Should there be an instance want to complain about the following; 

  • You got admission but did not receive a confirmation letter.
  • Your application status shows “awaiting results” although you have already submitted your results as requested. 
  • Or if you want to change the programme you chose; 

Just send an email to Additionally, you can also call 012 420 3111 for assistance. 

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