How To Check Uif Status Online 2021

A Complete Guide To Check Your UiF Status

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UiF) is a very laudable government initiative. This initiative allows the South African government to save some portion of all workers in South Africa and once these people become unemployed, these monies are paid back to them. The fund pays workers who lost their respective jobs under circumstances that are not their fault, and if you were sacked, then this does not apply to you as you will get nothing. 


If you want to check your status on the scheme, you can do so online and we will be taking you through the steps involved.

However, before you can check your status, register on the UiF website and also you must apply using the following:

  • Your valid 13 Digit South African ID number
  • Your e-mail address where all correspondence will be emailed
  • Cell phone number 

As an online registered Employee, you will be able to securely submit your Application for Benefits (for Unemployment, Reduced Time Benefits, Maternity, Illness and Adoption), to submit Continuation of Benefits and Notice of Appeal. It is only when you are done with the application that you can check your status. 

First things first, before you can check your status, you must get your internet connecting device with a stable internet connection. 

Once you have these two, then you can proceed by visiting the URL:

Once it opens, kindly log in and click on the tab labeled, ‘CHECK MY STATUS’.When the window opens, you are required to follow the instructions that will appear on your screen. You will be required to enter the Captcha number displayed on the screen and also to enter your UIF Reference Number. 

Aside from this online approach, there is another online approach that requires you to send an email. To use this, send an email to indicating your name, Identification, and your UIF registration number.

Should there be a cause you can’t check your status online, don’t freak out as you can use an offline approach.Just visit the nearest labour office and you will be required to provide your Identification and your UIF registration numbers. Your status will be revealed by the clerk after providing all these. 

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