CAO Application Process 2021: Step-by-Step Guide

The Central Applications Office, CAO Application Process has been released a step-by-step guide to help the Applicant access the Applications throughout the 2021/2022 academic year.


CAO Application Process: Step-by-Step Guide.

➡ For you to initiate the process, you have to visit the official CAO registration website and select the “CAO my application” icon on the website dashboard that is next to the “Home icon.”

➡ Proceed to key in your required personal details correctly

➡ Provide your active and valid email address: This is vital as the email is one of the most used communication platforms between the website and you.

Furthermore, The email enables you to get timely notifications or updates concerning your course statistics and information updates.

➡ Identify and choose the relevant qualification and assessment provisions based on your educational qualifications

➡ Payment of fee: Preview and select the best payment method you prefer. You may choose to complete the fee payment either by debit or credit card.

The payment system is secure and trustworthy as Global Payments manage it. This means that no data from the fee payment and bank transaction will remain on the website hence, safety. Successful payment unlocks the other registration stages.


➡ Password creation: Go ahead and input your initial password. For those who might have forgotten their login password, don’t worry. The site provides you with a password recovery option through the link “forgot my password.” For the recovery, you will have to provide information concerning the registration No., numerals of your date of birth, and the initially used email addressduring account creation.

➡ Application No.: After entry of a password, you will have to click on the icon reading “Proceed with the application.” This will provide you with a CAO application number that is also sent to you via the email address

➡ To confirm if your registration is successful, you will check your resisted email inbox for a message that contains your application number.

If you do not get the email; even after refreshing the email icon, then this is an indication that the registration process was not successful. In a case where you do not get the No, simply contact the customer help through their official email address that is available through their Website Contact Information.

Contact CAO for More Help

Should there be anything that you dont understand, please contact the CAO with the provided website below;

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