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Here are the 10 richest tribes in Kenya

Richest tribes in Kenya: There are a total of 42 Kenyan tribes, each contributing to the country’s diverse and rich culture and heritage. Each of these tribes is known for their unique history, culture, values, lifestyle, language, religion, food and more.

Some of these 42 tribes perform economically better than their counterparts. Here are the top 10 richest tribes in Kenya:

9. Asians

They were recently gazetted as the country’s 44rd tribe.  They own the majority of the businesses in the country.

With all that said, let remember that it’s individual hard work which contributes to the above success.

8. Kamba

Like many Bantus, the Akamba majorly depend on agriculture and trade for survival. Several notable businessmen and women, politicians, as well as professionals, originate from this tribe.

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7. Maasai

The Maasai people need no introduction.  They own large tracks of land and livestock which is their main source of wealth.

6.  Luhya

Our Western Kenyan brothers’ main source of wealth originates from agriculture. They are very good farmers and businessmen. That’s why you find most of the sugarcane factories are located in their region.  The Luhya people are also good in sports.

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