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Here Are South Africa’s Highest Paid Actors – Not Those You Were Thinking!

It may come as a shock to learn that the highest paid actors in South Africa may very well not be those you were thinking. The entertainment industry is one sector that lacks a standardized pay scale and the difference in what people go home with as earnings vary as far as your mind can conceive. This is so because remuneration in the entertainment industry most especially the movie/acting sector is largely based on a whole lot of determinants including talent, opportunity and above all, likeability. If you are liked by more people, then automatically, you would become more popular; a very important trait that largely determines the cost of hiring.

There is no doubt that South African soapies are among the most entertaining in Africa. We have seen the likes of GenerationsIsidingoScandal, and Rhythm Citydraw millions of people who become glued to their television screens as they silently pray that the clock ticks more slowly and eagerly digest every scene in a play.

Going by the audience each South African soapie draws, it has been a common notion that Generations actors and actresses are the highest paid in the entertainment and movie industry since the famous soapie attracts over 7 million viewers every day and if statistics are anything one can depend on, it would mean that the next highest paid set of actors are surely going to be those of Scandal and then Rhythm City since they both have audiences in the range of 3 million and 2.5 million, however, things are not always as they seem – as you would soon find out.

In a recent revelation by Drum Magazine, South Africa’s highest paid actors are on Scandal and Rhythm City and if you are still wondering why Generations actors and actresses have taken over the media in recent times, it is to express their views on the state of their remuneration. It would be recalled that 16 Generations actors and actresses who had their appointments terminated for embarking on an “illegal” strike and refusing to return to work have stated that they wanted to be remunerated according to the industry standard. In a media conference, they pointed out that their salaries, which ranges from R25,000 for a newcomer up to R68,000 for the longest standing member were not at par with what their counterparts received.

Highest Paid Actors and Actresses in South Africa Below

1. Sello Maake Ka Ncube

The man most people would recognize as the infamous, rich, influential, sly and self-centered Lucas Nyathi in South Africa’s Scandal is top of the list with a salary in the range of 100,000 to 120,000 rand per month. However, according to the magazine, Maake Ka Ncube refused to confirm his supposed 120k Rand salary. It would be recalled that Maake Ka Ncube had played a leading role while he was on Generations and has had tons of experience acquired in his 25 years of acting career. When he was asked for his opinion, he said “I fought alone, no actor supported me; I was on my own. People must fight their own battles and leave me alone.”

Sello Maake KaNcube

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