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12 Famous People You Never Knew Were Born in Kenya

Kenya has produced some really great talent in music, film, sports among other fields. However, there are those that are accomplished and have Kenyan heritage that most people don’t know about. The kind of heritage I am talking about is that these people were born here. I have profiled 14 famous people that were born […]

5 Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Yet To Marry But Are Already Getting Old

Kenya has her usual proud, ambitious and hardworking single celebrities and like every other single people, they live life on their own terms. As might be expected, most of them fear commitment and think it is not worth embarking on. Of course, we do know being either single, engaged or married does not make anyone special, […]

10 Kenyan Celebrities Who Are Snobbish, Egoistic And Incompatible

While some celebs try to pride themselves on being humble and a bit servile, there are others that just don’t give a damn. Of course, some celebrities are good people, but most of them are proud and arrogant. These are the ones that are quite harsh, opinionated, egoistic and snobbish and act like immortal gods […]

Top 7 Richest Footballers In Kenya In 2018

Richest Footballers In Kenya: Well, there are quite a number of Kenyans making a fortune from playing soccer, some of whom are very little known. These players play for international soccer clubs, that’s how they’ve managed to make their millions. 7. David Ochieng This former Tusker Player moved to Tawoon in Saudi Arabia and the salary […]

Top 10 Highest Paid Kenyan Musicians in 2018

Highest Paid Kenyan Musicians: MCSK has just disclosed its list of highest-paid musicians in 2018 in Kenya. From one sold-out event to another. Yes, you may be expecting musicians like Jaguar to sit conveniently on a spot, but surprisingly he misses a spot on the list of highest earning Kenyan musicians. Anyone who’s very conversant with […]

Top 5 Richest Football Clubs in Kenya in 2018

Richest Football Clubs in Kenya: It is almost certain that things are unquestionably searching up for Kenyan Football. Their patrons inside Kenya very much support a decent number of the best clubs in Kenya. Once more, the part that is played by pay-TV benefit, Super Sport in Kenya is by all accounts yielding a lot […]

List of 10 Best DJ Schools in Kenya in 2018

This is a rundown of best 10 best DJ schools in Kenya starting at 2018. Media outlets in Kenya have relentlessly become over the previous years, with a large portion of the DJs procuring a spot among the most generously compensated performers in Kenya. The interest in disk jockeys is hugely developing. The activity showcase […]

List of 10 politicians with most expensive homes and houses in Kenya

Most politicians in Kenya own very expensive houses and live very lucrative lives owing to the fact they earn a lot of salaries. Here is a list of Kenyan politicians with expensive houses in Kenya today; 1. Raila Odinga The beautiful house is located in Kisumu near the Kisumu International Airport. It is very well […]

Top 10 Richest People In Kenya In 2018

Richest People In Kenya: It is no secret; Kenya is one of the richest countries in the African continent. It is also known for its Gross Domestic Product. Kenya prides itself as one of Africa’s powerhouse hosting a number of high-profile wealthy individuals. The following is a list top ten richest in Kenya; politicians and businessmen […]

Top 10 Best celebrity houses in Kenya today and their owners

celebrity houses in Kenya

A report by New World Wealth showed that nearly two-thirds of Kenya’s Sh4.3 trillion ($50 billion) economy are controlled by a group of 8,300 super-wealthy individuals. These are some of the people who own the highly-priced properties in the country. Nairobi is the best performing prime residential market in the world, and some of the […]

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