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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Bahrain In 2017

10. Publishing – $7,500 At the bottom of the list, a publishing editor currently makes 28 per cent more than he was earning in 2011, with a monthly wage of around $6,487 per month. Gulf Business calculated the average salary across the region for Western, Asian and Arab expats across different sectors in the six GCC […]

10 Best Schools In Bahrain In 2017

When you relocate to Bahrain with your family, it can be very challenging finding suitable education for your children. There are many international schools in Bahrain and your choice of school will depend on what curriculum you would like your child to follow and also depends on your budget. The educational system will most likely […]

Top 10 Expensive Schools In Bahrain In 2017

Today we bringing to you the top 10 expensive schools in Bahrain in 2017…. 10. Budaiya Pre-School Tuition Rates: Children attending 2 days per week BD 260.000; Children attending 3 days per week BD 430.000; Children attending 5 days per week BD 610.000 This pre-school follows the British curriculum and welcomes children from all nationalities […]

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