Top 8 Best Boarding Schools In Mpumalanga in 2020


3. Highveld Park High School

Here is another public school on this list. HIGHVELD PARK HIGH SCHOOL has everything you will want to see in a school. Facilities are upgraded to meet modern requirements by students. The current curriculum ranks among the best in the continent.

Students are given the kind of education that will make them stand out among their mates anywhere in the world. With dedicated teachers and staff, this is achieved with every set of students that pass through the school.

Additionally, the school is not all about academics. Extracurricular activities, such as sports and debating, are encouraged. The reason for this encouragement and support is to give students all-round education.Students’ performance in external examinations over the years has been impressive. 


Hence, the reason the school has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the student population.
Old students have always said that the foundation of their success was laid by the education they got from this school.

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