Top 8 Best Boarding Schools In Mpumalanga in 2020


One thing that has affected the performance of youngsters in exams is a distraction. Distraction exists in various forms. Social media distraction through the use of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The constant use of mobile phones is another example of distractions. This distraction is avoided by students who attend boarding schools.

Boarding school often have a more qualified teachers who are passionate about teaching and don’t see their job as only a means of employment. These types of teachers can teach even at night to ensure that they meet up with the curriculum of the school.

Furthermore, boarding school usually have a small student-teacher ratio, the good thing about this ratio is, it allows for more personal interaction between teachers and students. Additionally, students in a boarding school are interested in an educational environment that motivates them to read more.
In this article, we shall inform you about the best boarding schools in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Top 8 Boarding Schools in Mpumalanga

8. Sibusiso Combined School

The last school on the list is Sibusiso combining school. This is a public school in Mpumalanga city. The boarding school is open to both boys and girls. 


In addition to subsidized fees, this school offers scholarships to outstanding students as well. The quality of education is highly commendable, with mist students doing well in external examinations. Facilities are provided to enable students with the school experience holistic education.

7. Belfast Akademie

Here is another public secondary school that made our list of top schools. This boarding school is open to both boys and girls. The school can boast of recording high success in external examinations. 

Students are exposed to balanced education that will make them stand out among their peers around the world.

With passionate teachers who care for their student’s welfare more than they care for their pockets, students are given the best kind of education possible.

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