OFFICIAL: 10 Best Schools In Wellington For 2019 Ranked


The Wellington Region is a region covering the southern tip of the North Island of New Zealand. The region includes the capital city, Wellington and the cities of Porirua, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt which together make up the Wellington metro area, as well as the surrounding rural area, the Kapiti Coast to the north, and the Wairarapa region to the northeast. It contains a few small rural primary schools, some small town primary and secondary schools, and a large number of city schools.

In New Zealand schools, students begin formal education in Year 1 at the age of five. Year 13 is the final year of secondary education. Years 14 and 15 refer to adult education facilities.

State schools are those fully funded by the government and at which no fees for tuition of domestic students (i.e. New Zealand citizens and permanent residents, and Australian citizens) can be charged, although a donation is commonly requested.[2] A state-integrated school is a former private school with a special character based on a religious or philosophical belief that has been integrated into the state system. State integrated schools charge “attendance dues” to cover the building and maintenance of school buildings, which are not owned by the government, but otherwise they, like state schools, cannot charge fees for tuition of domestic students but may request a donation. Private schools charge fees to its students for tuition, as do state and state integrated schools for tuition of international students.[3]


The roll of each school changes frequently as students start school for the first time, move between schools, and graduate. Below are the list of top 10 best schools in Wellington in 2018

10. Wellington East Girls’ College

Wellington East Girls’ College is a state single-sex girls’ secondary school which sits directly above Mount Victoria Tunnel, Wellington, New Zealand. Serving Years 9 to 13, the school currently has 1096 students.

9. Aotea College

Aotea College is a state co-educational secondary school located in Porirua, New Zealand. Founded in 1978, the school serves students for Year 9 to 13 across the northern suburbs of Porirua.

8. Wellesley College

Wellesley College is a boys-only independent primary school in Days Bay, Eastbourne, New Zealand.

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