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2018 Top 10 Best Schools In Trinidad and Tobago Ranked

10. Cowen Hamilton Secondary School

Cowen Hamilton Secondary School is a school in south Trinidad. Pronounced “Co-win”, the school was founded on 16 January 1962 to provide education in the fifth company village, located near Princes Town and Moruga Trinidad.

The need for education beyond the primary level led a group of seven visionaries to establish a secondary school. The group comprised members of the Baptist faith; F. W. Webb, K. Charles, T. Ayers and pastors Chapman, Parkes, Bell and Payne. The dream came to reality on 16 January 1962 when Trinidad and Tobago’s only Baptist secondary school was born. The school was named after two pioneers in secular and religious education namely George Cowen and William Hamilton. George Cowen was a British missionary and educator who established missions in Princes Town. William Hamilton was a local baptist pastor who led the fifth company Baptist church.

In 1966 Cowen Hamilton Secondary School became a government assisted secondary school. With the assistance of corporate grants received from British Petroleum, National Petroleum and contributions received from benefactors such as Mr Sookdeo Ramroop, the school expanding rapidly. The Bell Multipurpose Hall was erected in 1989. Provision was made for administrative offices, improved library facilities, computer science room, an audio visual arts room and an assembly area. The Kern Bungalow was demolished to make way for a new structure.

The curriculum includes Physical Sciences and Technical Vocation studies. The advance studies (CAPE) started in 1979.

Cowen Hamilton Secondary School has participated in Young Leaders, Public Speaking, Drama Festival and also performances in Parang and Music Festival.

(The history was adapted from “History Of Cowen”, published in the school yearbook 2007 by Ms A McKell (past teacher))

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