Top 8 Best High schools in Midrand in 2020


3. Gallagher Combine School

Gallagher Combined Group of School is a private institution of learning that caters to pupls and students in the Reception to Grade Twelve levels of academic learning. 

At Gallagher Combine School, a great emphasis is placed on attention to detail with small class sizes that allow for a moderate pupil/student to teacher ratio, which is why they stop at nothing to give every child the right amount of attention believing that every kid is special and has something to offer only if the proper measure of patience is exercised. 


As a result of this kind of learning approach, Gallagher Combine School produces some of the best minds in the city and district at large.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 537 Lupton Drive, Halfway House, Midrand, South Africa 1685
  • Services: Reception to Grades Twelve
  • Phone Number: 082 552 9696
  • Web Address:
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