Top 8 Best High schools in Midrand in 2020


A lot of parents are typically accosted with the issue of what schools to enroll their kids in. This is all prevalent in all levels of academic learning all the way from nursery, primary up to high school. 

This common problem stems from the need to give their kids the best education possible in order for them to get a great start in life. 

For the parent and guardian who are searching for the best high schools in Midrand to enroll your kids in, this article is designed just for you. 

We recognize that a great foundation is very important for the development of children especially those of high school ages, and the schools that you end up sending your kids too plays a huge role in it. 

There are a lot of poor quality schools around the city and we are wary of this type of setup and in order not get misled into enrolling your kids into such schools, we did a thorough research to come up with eight best high schools in the city of Midrand to narrow down your options and help you make the best decisions.  

We are of the believe that with these ten schools listed below, you should not find it too hard coming up with the best pick.

Top 8 High Schools In Midrand

8. SPARK School Midland

Standing out as one of the really great schools in the city, SPARK Schools is large collection of quality privately held schools that offers the best in really affordable, premium learning. 


The school offers its services for children in nursery, primary and secondary levels of academic learning.

Currently the schools boost of a gigantic number of over 10000 pupils and students scattered around its branches in the Midrand and the Gauteng district.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 1 Sturdee Avenue Rosebank Johannesburg, 2196
  • Services: Reception to Grade Twelve
  • Phone Number: +27 (0) 10 125 0600
  • Web Address:

7. Curro Midland

Curro Midrand is one the most outstanding high schools in the city of Midrand. 

It is a privately owned all-round institution of higher learning that has a wide syllabus with rich class and after school programs to prepare kids for live outside of school. 

At Curro Midland, parents are assured that their children and ward are given the right attention which is why the school continues to be sought after by parents who understand the value of quality education. 

Curro Midrand currently offers its services to include both nursery, primary and secondary and has 5 different to accommodate these levels of learning.

Contact Info:

  • Location: 48 Harry Galaun Dri., Halfway House, Midrand
  • Services: Reception to Grades Twelve
  • Phone Number: 087 232 1383
  • Website:
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