Top 10 Best Schools In Jamaica In May 2019


The rankings are based on the performance of schools in obtaining five (5) or more subjects in the most recent CSEC examinations.

The figures are calculated based on each secondary school enabling their cohort at the end of their 5 years of statutory education, to leave grade 11 with a minimum of five (5) subjects which includes English and/or Mathematics in the CSEC examinations.

Well, here they are, sorted by the VERY BEST!

Ranking / Name of school / Percentage (%) of grade 11 cohort attaining Five (5) subjects with English and/or Mathematics.


10. Wolmer’s Boys School -94.9%

Wolmer’s Boys school is the oldest high-school in the Caribbean, being established in 1729 by John Wolmer.

The Wolmer’s Schools are considered among the Caribbean’s most prestigious schools, and the most prestigious in Jamaica, with traditional British-style uniform and a strong Christian ethos.

The schools more closely resemble British schools of the 1950s than of today, a trend that can be noted of the entire Jamaican schooling system.

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