Top 10 Best Schools In East London In 2020


East London is a city on the Indian Ocean, in South Africa’s Eastern Cape. It’s known for its beaches, such as Nahoon and Cove Rock. The Buffalo Pass is a road crossing a forested valley and the Buffalo River. Fossilised human and animal footprints, plus artefacts from the Xhosa-speaking people, are exhibited at the East London Museum. Elephants, lions, zebras and other wildlife roam in several nearby game reserves. Today we present to you the 10 best schools in East London in South Africa

Finding the best colleges in South Africa is one of the priorities for the most students that want to pursue higher education. Once you are done with the basic level education, the next big thing is to find out which college or university you will be joining, depending on the course you want, and qualifications that you have made.

  • Department of Basic Education reports on the performance of all the secondary schools in South Africa.
  • Retracted a list of all the schools that achieved a 100% pass rate for 2020
  • Selected the top 10 schools according to the total of students who wrote and passed the exams – it is easier to ensure a class of 20 students pass the exams than classes with 300 students

10. Beaconhurst School

9. Clarendon High School for Girls

Clarendon High School for Girls is a girls’ secondary school situated in East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa. It was founded in 1903 as East London Girls’ High School.

8. Stirling High School, East London

Stirling High School is a co-educational public school situated in the suburb of Stirling, East London in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa and is located in Gleneagles Road.

The school offers grade 8–12 education and has approximately 1,100 students.

7. Merrifield Preparatory School and College

5. Hudson Park High School

Hudson Park High School is a co-educational public school in the suburb of Vincent in East London, South Africa.

4. Port Rex Technical High School

Port Rex Technical High School is a public school in Berea, East London, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

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