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Top 5 Best Places to Live in Switzerland in 2018

2. Lausanne and Basel

Lausanne is particularly popular with families with younger children. It is located along Lake Geneva, close to the mountains but smaller and quieter than Geneva, with a more approachable housing market. Another upside is that it is rather safe and has a very low crime rate. Lausanne is also a university town and offers a multicultural, relaxed feel with a high quality of life.

Basel is a university town and is often considered Switzerland’s cultural capital. Still, Basel is a rather small and cozy town, located in Switzerland’s northwest. Due to its location on the German and French border, there is a lot of industry and trade between these countries. Moreover, the Rhine not only offers great opportunities to relax and take walks along its shores but also plays a big role in import and export which attracts a lot of expats. That being said, the city is also worth a visit for its beautiful old town and its many museums.

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