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8 Celebrities That Are Helping Puerto Rico More Than Trump


Back when Hurricane Irma hit Miami a few weeks ago, Pitbull made sure to participate in his hometown’s relief. Now with Puerto Rico in need of help, the Miami rapper hasn’t missed a step in doing his part.

He’s reportedly sent his private plane to the island to retrieve cancer patients and bring them to the states for continued treatment. “Thank God we’re blessed to help. Just doing my part,” he told the New York daily news on Tuesday.

Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez

The Puerto Rican stars have announced their “Somos Una Voz” (We are one voice) campaign. The initiative has been backed my many celebrities in an effort to rush medicine, food, and power to all the areas devastated by recent natural disasters.

Celebrities like Alex Rodriguez and Jada Pinkett Smith, amongst many others, have pledged to back this campaign and offer any assistance they can. J. Lo herself has already personally promised $1 million to aid Puerto Rico.

Mark Cuban & J.J. Barea

Mavericks guard J.J. Barea managed to rescue his family from the island in his team’s plane courtesy of Mark Cuban. The Puerto Rican ball player flew to the island and along with picking up his family, dropped off supplies for his people.

Barea has been posting all over his social media raising awareness for his native country and has raised $100,000 on his “Youcaring” account. While Trump denies requests for a Puerto Rico shipping waiver, this man is taking matters into his own hands.

Aubrey Plaza

The Parks and Recreation star posted a link on Twitter to a Generosity by Indiegogo fund. The fund has already raised nearly $500,000 and hopefully will continue growing.

According to the site 100% of the money raised will be used exclusively for long term relief for the victims of Hurricane Maria.

Carmelo Anthony & Lala Anthony

Melo has always been an extremely active member of the Puerto Rican community.

Having his own soccer team out there, it’s clear to see how important his people are to him. In the wake of this tragedy Melo has stepped to the forefront and set up his own personal “Youcaring” page. He has raised over $210,000 so far.

Lala is also doing her best to aid her country by getting involved in spreading awareness to where people can donate.

Both Lala and Melo have family in the country who they haven’t heard from as of yet due to the total lack of power the island is facing.

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