7 Best And Expensive Hotels In Trinidad And Tobago In 2018


Trinidad and Tobago is the Twin Island, which is located in the Southern American Region. The official and the National language of this twin island is English and the people living here follows many religions. The twin island is very rich in its culture and the two great authors of the world St. Lucian and V.S Naipaul founded the theatre workshops in Trinidad. Apart from that, the place is also very famous for its art and culture. The Calypso Music was born in the Twin Island. They also gave birth to the Carnival, which is now followed across the world. The Twin Island is also extremely famous for the sports. The Trinidad and Tobago Islands is a must visit place at least once in your lifetime. The place is calm and it has a lot of attractions, which will interest you. When you plan a visit to the twin island, you will need a hotel to check in.


7. Kapok Hotel

Kapok hotel located in Trinidad is one of the best 5 star hotels that you must consider when you are planning to stay in the twin island. The hotel is beautiful and huge. It has all the basic amenities and it also has a tikki village, which makes the hotel all the more interesting.

Kapok Hotel

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