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2018 Top 10 Richest Jamaican Athletes And Their Net-Worth

The question in peoples mind today is; why Jamaica an island nation in the Caribbean Sea of about a population of 3 million people produce athletes that so handily trounce those from other rich and populated nations on earth?

There are many factors that have led to this according to research and one of them is that the system is good and the island has a very unique sporting culture. In Jamaica, sprinters are the national heroes or rather superstars other than footballers.

The other reason that researchers came up with is genetics. Its said that genes of Jamaicans enable a faster flow of oxygen to the muscles and their first twitch fibre muscles enable them in their elite sprinting.

These below athletes are crickets others track and field individuals, other footballers and basketball players. Check out these genetic superior and also richest Jamaican athletes.

10. Yohan Blake – US$2.3 MILLION

Nicknamed as the ‘’the beast” this man meteoric rise has seen his name rise not just in Jamaica but at a global level.

Although he was an aspiring cricketer he ended up being one of the Jamaicans fastest men in history. Born in 199 he is a Jamaican sprinter of 100m and 200-meter sprint races. This man is the second fastest ever in both 100m and 200 my record he wrote at the end of 2012 season after his teammate Usain Bolt.

Some of her achievements can be highlighted as he is an Olympic Games silver medalist, an Olympic gold medalist, world record holder at 4*100m and a world champion.

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