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2018 Top 10 Caribbean Islands with the MOST Beautiful Women | Number 1 Island Women Are Undisputed

The photos below show 1 or 2 nationals from each island/country which made the Top 20. We realize certain people took offence to the females used below, stating they are all light-skinned or mixed females. This website doesn’t discriminate race, skin tone, colour, size or religion. Beauty is NOT the colour of skin or length of hair. Beauty to DaMajority is really from within, it’s in the eye of the beholder. Some of the women on the list are actually dark skin, how do I know? I know them Personally! I think some people misunderstood this list. I wish I could have shown more variety per country.. lesson learnt!!! Coming soon!! Top 10 Caribbean Islands with the Sexiest Men! Our List is not only about external beauty, as we took into consideration the internal beauty. Someone is not just beautiful from the outside. Our list does not discriminate, the Caribbean region is home to different races. Skin colour does not define beauty.

10. St Kitts & Nevis 

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