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2018 Top 10 Best Secondary Schools In Nigeria Ranked

We obtained this information directly from the Nigeria Ministry of Education. These results and not always available because of the fear that students and/or parents may transfer to these schools. However, at Wisdom Africa, we believe that openness, information and accountability can only help improve the educational system and help everyone make informed choices.

The following rankings are based on:

  1. the educational facilities present in the school, the teaching aids and others.
  2. the success they as a school and their students achieved in various examination mostly WAEC (West African Examination Certificate), NECO (National Examination Council of Nigeria).
  3. Various mathematics examinations in which the students of these schools had excelled greatly.

Readers must also remember that this is a one-year ranking. Any school can have one good year what really counts is performance over a number of years – check the previous listing to help assess a school’s long-term performance. Here are results from previous years

This poll helps us assess public perception surrounding a school.

10. Greenspring School

Greenspring School is located in the State of Lagos. This Secondary School in Nigeria has an enrolment of 5321. This schools phone number is (234)12793728. The Schools address is 32, Olatunde Ayoola Avenue Anthony, Ikeja

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