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2018 Forbes Las 10 personas más ricas de Colombia | Hay un nuevo número uno

10. John Leguizamo

 John Alberto Leguizamo (/ ˌlɛɡwɪzɑːmoʊ /, born July 22, 1964) [1] is an actor, voice artist, comedian, film producer, playwright and Colombian-American screenwriter. He rose to fame with a co-starring role in the comedy / action Super Mario Bros. (1993) and a supporting role in the crime drama Carlito’s Way (1993). Other notable roles include Sid the Sloth in the animated films of Ice Age (2002-2016) and the narrator of the comedy The Brothers Garcia (2000-2004). As of 2009, he has appeared in more than 75 films, produced more than 10 films, starred in Broadway in several productions (won several awards), made more than 12 appearances on television and has produced or starred in many other television programs.
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