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20 Best Small and Big Business Opportunities in Ethiopia for 2019

6. Consultancy Services

The Consultancy Services industry in Ethiopia is indeed a broad industry that covers a range of services, such as: strategy consulting, management consulting, technology consulting, human resource consulting, marketing consulting, tax consulting, training consulting, agriculture consulting, finance consulting, and much, much more.

Consulting business are hired or contracted to offer solutions to problems organizations face. The minimum requirement to becoming a consultant in Ethiopia is to have good coaching skills, know how for technology implementation, good process analysis, skill at strategy development, and/or the ability for operational improvement.

There are many bright and personable people in Ethiopia that can provide this service, and couple this with the many organizations that need people that know how to navigate the often hectic business environment in Ethiopia, then you have the making for a hugely successful business with very low startup cost.

International consultancy firms are very expensive which leaves further room for Ethiopian consultancy firms to fill in the gap at affordable prices for Ethiopian companies.

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