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20 Best Small and Big Business Opportunities in Ethiopia for 2019

5. Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services or Janitorial Contracting Services are now increasingly becoming in demand in Ethiopia.

This is due to the many offices that exist, especially in Addis Ababa. With the increase in the number NGO’s, international companies, as well as local businesses, the need for cleaning service companies is increasing.

Unlike in other countries around the world, especially in the developed world, the provision of furniture, walls, and floors cleaning service is not common in Ethiopia.

As of 2014, there were only 48 licensed cleaning service companies in Ethiopia. Entrepreneurs should realize that this business sector is very profitable in terms that it has a very low input cost and Ethiopia’s fairly good accessibility of human resources.

Example: The owner of Clean Way Plc. is an Ethiopian Diaspora from the United States who established his company in Ethiopia, at a time when cleaning services were almost non-existent.

The company offers services such as cleaning buildings, carpets, houses, sofas and cars.

Today the company has about 100 employees with salaries ranging from 1,500 ETB or 55 USD to 2,500 ETB or 93 USD and numerous contracts from businesses as well as from the private sector. Other cleaning services offer employees 550 ETB or 20 USD to 800 ETB or 30 USD.

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