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20 Best Small and Big Business Opportunities in Ethiopia for 2019

15. Private Security Service & Equipment

In Ethiopia, there is no real legislation that is separately and comprehensively enacted to provide regulations for private security service providers.

As this is a relatively new sector and largely forgotten, there have been a few that have been able to take a lion share of the profits involved in this very lucrative venture.

Established in 1992, Sebhatu & Sons Property Administration and Security Services Plc. is now Ethiopia’s leading private security provider with a Level 1 Security and Quality Assurance Certificate from the Ethiopian Federal Police.

S&S provides security solutions to a variety of clients, most of which are diplomatic missions, international institutions, Fortune 500 companies, etc.

Beginning with only 40 permanent staff members in 1992, S&S today has a little less than 3,000 employees which offer deterrence, detection, efficient reporting services, as well as 24 hour emergency availability.

Although most financial information in the private security service business is not revealed, estimates range from a 4-man well-armed and well-trained team protection costing about 40,500 ETB or 1,500 USD to 405,000 ETB or 15,000 USD making it a very profitable venture.

The sale, installation, service, and maintenance of modern IT-based security systems are also in high demand throughout Ethiopia, with clients ranging from supermarkets to private residences.

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