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20 Best Small and Big Business Opportunities in Ethiopia for 2019

11. Bakery/Pastry Shop

With the growth of the Ethiopian economy, disposable income available to individuals is also rising. This has fueled the popularity and boom of pastries and bakeries, as more and more entrepreneurs start baking with their own signature ingredients.

One of the oldest and well known bakeries in Addis Ababa is Enrico Pastry located in Piassa.

They began business in 1954 and have been consistent in their products taste, freshness, and fair price. Most notably, to this day, they hold their recipe with the utmost secrecy.

They provide 8 types of cakes for about 8 ETB or .30 USD a slice, and their torte cake which goes for about 230 ETB or 8.52 USD a kilo.

They bake an average of about 4000-9000 cakes depending if the season is one for fasting or not. Enrico has been used as a guide for newer entrants in the bakery/pastry business in Ethiopia.

Semret Abate began Mulmul Bakery in 1999 using only 1 quintal of flour a day, but today they have 6 branches, over 320 employees, and 104 different kinds of products.

Their products include breads and pastries made from 13 different grains and ingredients, including barley, teff, oats…

Not only is Mulmul respected for their quality and taste by the general public, but large companies also have contracts with them, namely, Ethiopian Airlines and Bambis Supermarket.

Karavan Cafe began with a branch in Addis Ababa’s Megenagna area in 2012. They import different ingredient such as powders and flavors, directly from Turkey, to make their 27 different cake varieties, with a slice costing about 16 ETB or .60 USD to 35 ETB or 1.30 USD.

Their business is expanding rapidly and they have now opened a second branch in the exclusive Bole Medhanialem, with plans to open other stores throughout the city.

The keys to becoming successful in the Ethiopian bakery and pastry industry is to consistently have a great tasting and unique product, special attention to hygiene, attractive displays, and great customer service.

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