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10 Stereotypes About Jamaica That Are Never True

Jamaica is an island filled with quirky cultural nuances and a rich, colourful language that still sometimes leaves me scratching my head.

Most people outside this small Caribbean country have their own imaginations about how the country will be like mostly based on what they are hearing about Jamaica in their country.

Some of those things are not all true.

Check out the list of 10 stereotypes about Jamaica that are never true.

10. Jamaica men love $3x.

A lot of dancehall music lyrics and videos have so much s3xuallity behind them. This get most people thinking that it is exactly what is practiced in the country that is being used in the lyrics and videos.

The fact that you will hear “pompom, whine pon it” and all the big seductive lyrics doesn’t mean that they love to do what they are saying. Don’t stop believing that s3x sells. There are Jamaicans out there who have never seen the nakedness of a woman in many years.

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