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10 Best Schools In Bahrain In 2017

When you relocate to Bahrain with your family, it can be very challenging finding suitable education for your children. There are many international schools in Bahrain and your choice of school will depend on what curriculum you would like your child to follow and also depends on your budget. The educational system will most likely provide a highly similar curriculum and school environment as your home country and your children are accustomed to. You will find many students with the same background as your own children which will make it a lot easier to adapt to school and their new life in Bahrain.

Today we bringing to you the best 10 schools in Bahrain in 2017……


Three campuses – Saar, Samaheej, and East Riffa – make up this school. The school was awarded International Centre Status by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), of Cambridge University, which is one of the world’s leading providers of educational qualifications and assessments. This status reflects the quality of teaching and the high standards of administration demonstrated throughout the school. Registration and admission for the academic year starting in September opens in April of each year.

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