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2018 Top 10 Richest Jamaican Athletes And Their Net-Worth

The question in peoples mind today is; why Jamaica an island nation in the Caribbean Sea of about a population of 3 million people produce athletes that so handily trounce those from other rich and populated nations on earth? There are many factors that have led to this according to research and one of them […]

Top 9 Most Expensive Schools in Switzerland in 2018

When money is no question, how do the wealthy elite choose where to send their children for the best possible education? Like many of the world’s most exclusive schools, prestigious Le Rosey boarding school in Switzerland boasts mountain views and the best private ski slopes to match. With annual fees of more than double that of Eton […]

OFFICIAL: Top 10 Richest People In Switzerland In 2018

Believe it or not, Switzerland is, in fact, one of the richest countries in the world. According to Credit Suisse, Switzerland has the highest nominal wealth per adult in the world. Not only that, but some cities in Switzerland are known to have the best quality of life of all other cities in the world. […]

Top 10 des personnes les plus riches en Suisse Forbes en 2018

Croyez-le ou non, la Suisse est en fait l’un des pays les plus riches du monde entier. Selon le Credit Suisse, la Suisse a la plus grande richesse nominale par adulte dans le monde entier. Non seulement cela, mais certaines villes en Suisse sont connues pour avoir la meilleure qualité de vie de toutes les […]

Top 10 Best Dental Clinics in Singapore in 2018 Based On Patients Experience

Are those pearly whites looking a little more yellow? Or maybe you’ve over-indulged your sweet tooth. Then perhaps it’s time to book an appointment with the dentist. Put your fears aside, as we have the Top 10 Dental Clinics in Singapore, guaranteed to have you grinning from ear to ear. 10. My Braces Clinic As their […]

Top 10 Most Powerful Jamaican Women In 2018

The accomplishments, tenacity and fortitude of Jamaican women are well known and Shaggy proclaimed as much in his hit song, ‘Strength of a Woman’. More women than men graduate from UWI and more often than not women are the anchors of Jamaican households. So here Oceansvibe presents our list of the 10 most powerful women in Jamaica […]

OFFICIAL: 2018 Ranking Of Top 10 High Schools In Jamaica Named

  10. St Andrew High School for Girls – 96% St Andrew High School has been at the forefront of secondary education and has a heralded history of excellence now documented in the Emrie James Museum.   Founded in 1925 through a partnership between the Presbyterian Church and the Wesleyan Synod of Jamaica, SAHS today is one of the […]

10 South African Fathers & Sons That Succeeded As Soccer Players today brings you a football exclusive of fathers and sons who have graced the South African top flight league on separate generations 10. Eric Sono – Jomo Sono and Jomo’s sons [Bamuza and Matsilele] When we talk about fathers and sons who made it as soccer players in South African football, the first names […]

2018 Top 7 Most Expensive Schools in Eastern Cape

The relaxed former frontier town of Grahamstown is not exactly a place where one would expect to find some of the most expensive schools in South Africa. The three most expensive schools in the Eastern Cape are actually found in the town. Below is a compilation of some of the seven most expensive schools in Eastern […]

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